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  1. Contents insurance

Safeguard yourself, your belongings and your household with a contents insurance from If.

Our contents insurance covers both damage to your own belongings and your liability if members of your household cause damage to others or their belongings.

Do you want to be well covered? Then upgrade your contents insurance to Contents Plus, which also covers short-circuit damage, sudden damage etc.

As the occupant of a house or flat you can even get a special contents insurance customised for you: Contents Super.

  • Pest control

    Contents Super for flats covers pest control, e.g. if you get bedbugs or cockroaches.

  • IT equipment on loan from school

    Contents Plus covers damage to loaned iPads, for example.

  • One comprehensive excess

    With very few exceptions, a single comprehensive excess of your choice applies to our contents insurance.

Contents insurance Contents Super Contents Plus Contents
Fire, water damage and theft

Covers damage to your property as a result of fire, burglary, basic theft, robbery or open theft, as well as any damage to your clothes as a result of mugging.

The contents insurance also covers damage caused by water, oil, coolant etc. suddenly flowing out (not leaking or dripping) from installations, aquaria or other containers.

Damage to other people, their property and animals

Covers the injuries or damage you accidentally cause to others, their belongings and animals.

Legal aid

May cover legal aid and other costs associated with conducting a case, if you need to settle a disagreement in court.

ID protection

Provides cover in the event of identity theft when someone misuses your personal information.

Weather damage, e.g. storms and cloudbursts

Provides cover if weather damage to the building destroys your property inside your building. The contents insurance also covers the damage if your property floods as a result of a cloudburst.


Provides cover if someone who is not part of your household intentionally destroys your belongings without any reason.

Road traffic accidents

Covers damage to your belongings as a result of road traffic accidents, e.g. collisions, crashes or rollovers. A vehicle - such as a car - must be involved for us to define it as a traffic accident.

Short circuit

Covers damage to your belongings as a result of a short circuit in kitchen appliances etc.

Electronics and white goods - extended cover

Covers malfunctioning domestic electrical appliances, e.g. broken washing machines or televisions.

Refrigerator and freezer damage

Covers damage caused by temporary power outage, e.g. spoiled food in your refrigerator or freezer.

IT equipment loan from school

Covers damage to IT equipment borrowed from school, e.g. iPads and computers.

Other sudden damage

Covers other sudden damage normally covered by your contents insurance, e.g. if you drop your mobile and it breaks.

Super cover

You select the version of Contents Super that best suits you and your home:

Best for cover of your house:

  • Moving
  • DIY building materials for the house
  • Property Support Centre (phone)
  • Large items of motorised gardening equipment


Best for cover of your flat:

  • Moving
  • Pest control in a flat
  • Making a flat accessible for persons with a disability
  • Cover of glass and porcelain in a flat

Read more about the two versions in our terms (da) or read more here:

Covers sudden damage occurring while your family or friends are helping you move. 

Pest control in a flat
Covers pest control in your flat, e.g. if you get bedbugs or mice. 

Making a flat accessible to persons with a disability
Covers expenses for structural changes to your flat to make it accessible to wheelchair users, e.g. if you or someone else in the household has an accident or you have a child with a physical disability. 

Cover of glass and porcelain in a flat
Covers breakage of glass fitted in the building, e.g. windows, fixed mirrors, glass‑ceramic cooking surfaces, sinks, toilet bowls and bathtubs. 

DIY building materials for the house
Covers building materials you have had around for up to 3 months after the delivery date, e.g. a washing machine or carport. 

Property Support Centre (phone)
Covers damage-prevention advice and guidance in the form of phone conversations with the staff at our Property Support Centre. 

Large items of motorised gardening equipment
Increases the basic cover for large items of motorised gardening equipment from 20 hp to 30 hp – incl. third-party cover.

Additional cover

For those who want to be on the safe side

Covers theft of locked household bicycles. Locks must be approved by DVN (Danish Institute for Informative Labelling).

Lock recoding
Covers the cost of recoding your locks if someone steals your home keys within a radius of 50 km from your residence.

Covers counselling and DKK 10,000 compensation if an unknown assailant attacks you. You must report the attack to the police, and an A&E/doctor must document your injuries.

Covers you if an unknown person gains access to your home and steals your property or obtains it through deceit.

This addition to our travel insurance covers the luggage, e.g. suitcases and clothes, that you take with you on holidays abroad.

Covers up to 3 months from the date of departure.

You can choose a sum of DKK 50,000 DKK or DKK 100,000 per traveller.

Covers items that are of great value to you against any damage not excluded in the terms. The minimum excess is DKK 500 per claim.


Contents insurance

What additional cover can I choose for my contents insurance?

You can extend your contents insurance with the following additional cover:

  • Bicycles: covers theft etc. of the household's bicycles
  • Enhanced security: covers lock recoding, assault and cons
  • Luggage: covers your luggage abroad, e.g. against theft
  • Contents Unique: covers specified single items.

Please feel free to call our Customer Care Centre on +45 70 12 12 12 with any questions about the contents insurance.

Do I need a new contents insurance when I move?

You do not need a new contents insurance when you move, since the insurance is attached to you and not your home.

However, it is still important that you contact us when you move, as it may affect the cost of your contents insurance.

The contents insurance covers both addresses for up to 3 months, from the start of the move until its completion.

How do I cancel my contents insurance?

You can always cancel your contents insurance free of charge at least 1 month in advance of the policy due date (renewal date) or within 14 days of completion of a claim.

Cancellation of your contents insurance at shorter notice will incur a fee.

If you want to cancel your contents insurance yourself, you must send your written cancellation to our Customer Care Centre by letter or email to avoid any misunderstanding.

If you transfer your contents insurance to another insurance company, they will handle the contents insurance cancellation for you.

Weapons storage - new requirements from January 1st 2016 

Weapons cabinets must be tested in accordance with European or Nordic standards before they are approved for storage of weapons and insurance against theft.

We used to test weapons cabinets using the Danish Standard Theft Method, but our Nordic neighbours no longer recognise this method.

This is primarily because the list of tools and the time requirements have not been adjusted since the method's introduction in the 1980s, and there is no inspection of whether the products are still identical to the weapons cabinets tested.

The new regulations came into force on January 1st 2016, but all weapons cabinets produced before and approved under the old method are still covered by our contents insurance. Cover by the contents insurance requires approval of new cabinets in accordance with the new method.

You can see a list of approved weapon cabinets here: Approved weapons cabinets


We refer to the applicable terms for contents insurance.

Contents insurance 
Terms - Contents Insurance (in Danish)

Legal aid insurance 
Terms - Legal aid insurance (in Danish)


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  1. Contents insurance