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Remember a house insurance for you and your house. When you buy a house, you are making one of your life’s biggest investments – and perhaps the biggest. This makes it important to be well-protected, and this is where we can help you.

With us, you can choose what your house insurance is to cover. We offer one type of house insurance for those who only require basic cover, and House Super insurance if you wish to make sure that you are extra well-insured from e.g. pests, water and dry rot.

  • Pest control

    House Super covers any pest attacks in the home, e.g. bed bugs, cockroaches or mice.

  • If Property Check

    With the optional If Property Check cover, we review 120 points in your house and give you good damage prevention advice, e.g. concerning water leaks, fungus and rot.

  • Best Customer Service in the Industry

    If won the Best Customer Service Award in the area of pension and finance in 2017.

House Super House Plus House
Fire damage

The insurance e.g. covers fire damage caused by lightning, soot deposits or electrical damage to any of the fixed electrical installations in your house.

Homeowner liability insurance

The insurance covers your liability for damage to other persons and their belongings, when you are liable as the owner of the property.

Legal aid

May cover legal aid and other costs associated with conducting a case, if you need to settle a disagreement in court.

Storm damage

The insurance e.g. covers any damage to roof tiles or the entire roof during a storm.

Sudden damage

The insurance covers such claims as collision, heavy snowfall, or overturned or falling objects that damage your buildings.

Theft and vandalism

The insurance covers theft and vandalism concerning building elements when the perpetrators do not have "legal access" to the address.

Breakage of glass and sanitary bowls

The insurance covers breakage of fixed glass and porcelain objects, e.g. windows, fixed mirrors, glass ceramic hobs, washbasins, WC bowls and bathtubs, without any deductible.

Construction insurance

The insurance covers damage during new construction, extension and conversion of your house. The insurance does not cover work that is of the nature of maintenance.

Consequential claims from errors by craftsmen and contractors

Covers claims arising suddenly as a direct consequence of errors by craftsmen or contractors.

Damage to concealed pipes and cables

The insurance covers leaks from concealed pipe installations and faults in concealed power cables for the heating of rooms, e.g. damage to underfloor heating.

Damage to service lines

The insurance covers leaks in service lines and faults in electricity and low voltage lines that you have a duty to maintain.

Cosmetic differences

For eligible pipe damage in a bathroom, the insurance covers 50% of the cost of repairing cosmetic differences between the replaced and the undamaged tiles/floor tiles.

It may be the case that the tiles on the wall can no longer be obtained and you therefore wish to replace all of the tiles – also those which are not damaged – with new ones.

Psychological crisis counselling

Crisis counselling for you or anyone in your household if you have had a violent experience, such as an incident that has cost human life or where there has been an imminent danger of loss of human life.

Pest control

The insurance covers help to combat pests indoors, e.g. if the house is invaded by ants or bed bugs. In addition, it covers both indoor and outdoor elimination of wasps' nests.

Damage by rodents

The house insurance covers the repair or replacement of building elements that have been damaged by rodents. This might be rats and mice gnawing through kitchen cabinets, or a marten that destroys the insulation in the attic.

Theft and collision with garden installations

The insurance e.g. covers if a Chinese "garden lamp" is stolen or the hedge is driven down by an unknown party.

Installation malfunctions

The insurance covers malfunctioning installations that are under four years old. Defects in and failure of fixed electrical building installations, e.g. central heating boiler, white goods, indoor spa, burglar alarm, electrical awning and so on.

Guarantee cover

The insurance covers the damage that your old insurance would have covered and which is not covered by this house insurance. This cover applies for the first year.

Adaptation of the home for a disability due to an accident or illness

Payment of expenses to provide better mobility if a member of the household suffers an illness, sustains an accident or gives birth to a disabled child, making it necessary to be able to get around the home in a wheelchair.


For those who want to be on the safe side

Our partner Anticimex prepares a survey report for the house:

  • For the first time just after the insurance is purchased
  • Then every four years

Together with you, Anticimex’ building expert will go through your house. The actual review takes 1-1½ hours and 120 points are covered.

You will get a detailed report with a maintenance plan and attention points that you must be aware of concerning your house, as well as access to telephone advisory services.

The cover is without any deductible, and neither the review nor the report will be used to set prices or terms for your insurance.

Read more here (in Danish)

This optional insurance cover concerns:

  • Water damage caused by dripping and seepage from visible pipe installations
  • Loss of water and oil in conjunction with a covered claim concerning concealed pipes and service lines
  • Water damage due to precipitation penetrating the house
  • Water damage due to rising groundwater and sewerage water, even if there is no excessive cloudburst or thaw.

The deductible selected by you will apply. When you purchase house insurance, you can choose a deductible of DKK 0-10,000.

This optional insurance cover concerns damage to timber building elements caused by insects, fungus or rot. The optional cover also includes windows and doors.

Note that there is a minimum deductible of DKK 3,000, unless you have chosen a higher deductible.


When your car, your household contents or your house are insured with us, you will automatically be part of the If reward programme, which includes a 10% discount on all insurance, in addition to DKK 100 added to special savings on your deductible for each claims-free year.

If you combine your car and household contents or house insurance with us, you will get a 15% discount on all insurance, in addition to savings on your deductible of DKK 200 – and if you also insure yourself, your partner or child with us, the savings on your deductible will increase to DKK 500, and you will have access to our insurance service.


Are you in doubt about which house insurance best suits your needs? Read more about our three types of house insurance below:

House insurance as House

House insurance as House provides good cover if you e.g. have fire, water or storm damage, or your house is burgled or vandalised. This house insurance e.g. covers construction, consequential damage due to craftsman or contractor error, and breakage of glass and sanitary bowls.

House insurance as House Plus

With house insurance as House Plus you will naturally have the same cover as with house insurance as House. In addition, you also get cover concerning concealed pipes and cables, service lines, cosmetic cover and psychological crisis counselling.

House insurance as House Super

Our best house insurance is House Super, which naturally includes the same cover as house insurance as House Plus. In addition, you can get help to prevent pests such as mice and bed bugs, and the house insurance will also provide cover if rodents damage your property.

This house insurance also covers collision, theft from garden facilities and the malfunctioning of installations under four years of age.

Questions & answers

Will my house insurance stop automatically when I sell my house?

No, your house insurance does not stop automatically when you sell your house. Before we can cancel your house insurance, the new owner's insurance company must send us confirmation that they take over the house's fire insurance. This is due to the special obligation between insurance companies and mortgagees (banks and mortgage credit institutes).

When the notice of termination from the other insurance company has been received, we will cancel your house insurance as of the purchase date.

Is my photovoltaic system covered by the house insurance?

Yes, your photovoltaic system is covered by the house insurance, so that you do not need to take out any additional insurance.

Read more in our terms and conditions (in Danish)

What do I do when I buy or build a new house?

If you are buying or building a new house, you are welcome to contact our Customer Centre on (+45) 70 12 12 12 to get a house insurance quote.
You can also buy your house insurance in our webshop (in Danish).

What do I do if my house is bought at a foreclosure auction?

If you bought your house at a foreclosure auction, you are very welcome to contact our Customer Centre on (+45) 70 12 12 12 to get a house insurance quote.

How do I cancel my house insurance?

You can always cancel your house insurance with at least one month's notice to the main renewal date, or within 14 days after a claim has been concluded. If you cancel your house insurance in this way, the cancellation will be at no charge, while a fee will be charged if you cancel the house insurance with shorter notice.

If you cancel your house insurance, you must send your notice of cancellation in writing to our Customer Centre, either by post or email. The house insurance must be cancelled in writing, to ensure that no misunderstandings arise.

If you move your house insurance to another insurance company, the new company will handle the notice for you.

Does my house need to be inspected before I purchase house insurance?

In most cases it is not necessary to inspect your house when you purchase house insurance.

Age and structure may ential that some cover cannot be offered, or can only be offered after an inspection. We use Anticimex to inspect your house if this is necessary to get a house insurance quote.

Read more about house inspection (in Danish)

Are you buying a house?

When you buy real estate, you can buy transfer of ownership insurance to protect yourself from hidden defects and deficiencies.

If you buy a flat or a cooperatively owned home, you should consider whether this is worth the cost and effort. On the other hand, transfer of ownership insurance is really good to have when you buy a house.

Good to know when you buy a house

A lot of practical things need to be arranged when you buy a house, e.g. financing, insurance and purchase agreement.

  • Financing
    You should at least talk to a bank about mortgage credit and home loans. Normally, you will have to finance at least 5% of the purchase price yourself, while the mortgage credit institute can lend you up to 80%, and the bank will typically offer a home loan up to 15%.

    How much you can borrow depends on such factors as your budget, payslips, other debt and annual tax return. It is important that you cover as much of the purchase price as possible with a mortgage credit loan, as this is the cheapest and safest type of loan.

    If you buy an existing property, you can typically reuse the mortgage deed in the property and thereby save establishment costs.

    As security for the loans, the banks register mortgage deeds in your property as collateral – these are called "mortgage charges".

  • Insurance
    In order to borrow money from the bank, you must have house insurance. This is because the fire cover under the house insurance secures the bank's money (the mortgage charge), even if the house burns down. House insurance is also a big advantage for you, since otherwise you risk being left without a home and extensive debt to the bank for the lost mortgage charge. Besides house insurance, it can be a great advantage to hold transfer of ownership insurance.

    The transfer of ownership insurance covers any hidden defects and deficiencies that are not included in the survey report for the house or the electrical inspection report, i.e. damage that arose before your house insurance entered into force. This damage is repaired under the transfer of ownership insurance, while new damage to the house occurring after you took it over will be covered by your house insurance.

    Whether you live in house or flat, as owner, tenant or cooperative owner, it is also a good idea to have household contents insurance, which covers e.g. pest control and water damage.

  • Purchase agreement
    When you make an offer for your dream house with a purchase agreement, often things move so quickly that you do not have time to talk to either your bank adviser or attorney. The purchase agreement comes into force when the vendor has signed it, which makes it important to include a bank and attorney reservation in the purchase agreement.

    In this way you can cancel the purchase agreement if you are advised against buying the house by your bank or attorney.

    It is best, however, to be pre-approved by your bank, so that you know exactly how much you can bid, and to facilitate the bank approval process.

Are you building a new house?

If you are building a new house, the process is a little different. In this case, you cannot purchase transfer of ownership insurance. Instead, you must purchase construction damage insurance, which covers the defects and deficiencies caused by the contractor during the construction phase.

Terms and conditions, purchase terms and product info

Terms and conditions for House Insurance

Please refer to the applicable terms and conditions for our House Insurance.

Terms and conditions – House Insurance (in Danish)

Purchase terms

You can find our purchase terms here:

Information on purchase of insurance (in Danish)

Product info

Read more about the insurance in our insurance product information document:

Product info about House Insurance (in Danish)


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