Property insurance

If you are running a business in Denmark, we can help you insure your company's property, goods, machines, and other assets that are valuable and used in the company.

Protection against business interruption is also important if an injury or loss might lead to reduced production and sales.

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Insurance for the things that are valuable to your company

Get secure protection for your goods, machines, tools, and other assets used in the company, such as:

  • Tools, machines, and equipment
  • Goods, products, and inventory
  • Electronics and office equipment
  • Furnishings, glass, and signs
  • Fixed costs and lost profits due to interruption
  • Real estate, buildings, or warehouse

Things that might be:

  • Used in your company
  • To be sold by the company
  • Purchased or rented from the company
Get a quote for commercial property insurance to insure your goods and wares. It is like a home insurance, but for the workplace.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance provides compensation for fixed costs, salaries, and lost profits when e.g. fire, water damage, or theft causes an interruption in production and sales or causes the entire company's operations to a standstill.

Property insurance makes a business run as usual

It is almost like home insurance - but for your company's valuables

It is often the people and not the things that make a company,  however, some things are vital for the operation of your business. Expensive machinery, equipment, and goods for sale are amongst the things you might want to insure. Your company might own things that are valuable or simply just irreplaceable for your business to thrive.

Property insurance provides coverage for damages caused by fire, flooding, theft, weather, and other risks. We work fast to ensure that you receive compensation and get the business rolling as usual again.

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