1. Report Claim

We help you and your employees, when the injury has occurred. Do you want to call us? +45 70 12 12 22

Do you have an acute injury that needs immediate attention, you can call us at
+45 70 12 12 22 and press 1 all hours.

Other acute phone numbers
Use also our other acute phone numbers, whether you are in Denmark or abroad.

Contact information and help

To make it safe, easy and quick for you when reporting a claim.

When in Danmark:

Roadside assistance

70 12 12 42


70 11 55 55


38 48 91 59 

When abroad:


+45 70 13 13 35


+45 70 10 50 50


+45 97 20 99 11

Here you can find help, after you have reported your claim and have questions regarding your claim:

With good safety rutines, you can do a lot to avoid damages or prevent damage from occurring.

Get our loss prevention advice (Danish)

Our Claim Service for you

We always keep you updated concerning your claim, so you can concentrate on your business.

If needed, we will contact the necessary specialists of make sure they get in contact with you.

Its all about you and your employees feeling safe and secure. That is why we put injury handling very high. This is how injury handling should be done (Danish)

  1. Report Claim