1. Claims

It is quite understandable if you are not an insurance-policy or claims-handling expert - but we are, and we are always happy to help you.

  • Quick feedback

    You get confirmation of your claim as soon as we receive it.

  • Report claim when convenient

    You can report claims 24/7 all year round.

  • We contact you

    You will hear from us by the following business day at the latest.

How to report a claim

  • Complete the claims form online.
  • You will get a confirmation email when we receive your claim.

NB: If you spend more than 2 hours completing the report the page will refresh and you will have to fill in the claim form again.

Keep receipts and photographs

It is important for you to be able to demonstrate your ownership of the damaged or stolen objects. You can do this by saving receipts for all newer objects or taking photos of your most valuable possessions, e.g. jewellery, paintings and oriental rugs.

Bicycle theft

There are special documentation requirements when it comes to bicycle theft:

  • You must provide your bicycle's frame number
  • The bicycle must be equipped with a fixed lock approved by the Danish Institute for Informative Labelling (Dansk Varefakta Nævn).
  • Always save the lock certificate – we might ask for it.
  • You should report the bicycle theft to the police before contacting us.

Acute damage or injury?

You can always call us on +45 70 12 12 12 if you need immediate help.

Damage or injury abroad

There are several things to bear in mind if you get injured or experience any damage while abroad.


Report the theft to the police immediately.


SOS International is ready to help you around the clock if you get injured abroad.

Car accidents abroad

Most European countries approach car claims in a similar manner:

  • Everyone involved must sign the claim declaration.
  • Write down the name, address, registration number and insurance number of everyone involved.
  • Write down all relevant information about potential witnesses.
  • Draw a sketch of the accident scene and take photographs that show any vehicle damage and other relevant information, e.g. the visibility at the scene.

Roadside assistance

Do you need roadside assistance?

We are ready to assist you on the road around the clock

Call us on +45 70 12 12 42

A strong collaboration

We provide roadside assistance in collaboration with SOS Dansk Autohjælp.

Collision with animals

When colliding with an animal

Contact Animal Help (Dyrenes Vagtcentral) at the scene straight after the collision.

The Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) will coordinate with Falck and arrange for the animal to be found and treated, or put down, depending on the situation.

Do you have Comprehensive Plus (Kasko Plus)?

A collision with an animal might cause serious damage to your car. If you have a Comprehensive Plus insurance (extra-comprehensive motor insurance) and you hit a large mammal, you will get an excess reduction of DKK 3,000.

Furthermore, the price of your Comprehensive Plus insurance will not be adjusted as a result of collisions with animals.

Large mammals include foxes, dogs, deer and other large animals. Collision with birds is not included in this coverage.


Contact Animal Help about animal collisions by calling 18 12.

If the animal is dead, contact Falck by calling +45 70 10 20 30.

After a car damage claim

Your car insurance might change after a claim, depending on your type of car insurance.

See how it may change here: Following a car claim (da)

Legal aid

The Danish Insurance Association (Forsikring & Pension), the Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatsamfundet) and the Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Advokater) have developed an electronic form for requesting legal aid to help solve a private dispute.

Read more about how to request legal aid here: Forsikring & Pension (da)


We use your NemKonto ('Easy account') account when transferring money to you.

What is NemKonto?

NemKonto is the bank account used for your salary and for state payments, e.g. Danish State Educational Support Grants (SU) and unemployment benefit.

Learn more about NemKonto here: NemKonto (da)

Appeal procedures

Our goal is to help you as much as possible within the limits of your insurances. Sometimes we disagree about the relevant claim handling, and you might want to appeal about your claim.

How to appeal:

1. Contact your caseworker

Always start out by contacting the caseworker handling your claim – the odds are the problem will be solved quickest here. If we still do not agree and you want to appeal further, you might proceed with Step 2.

3. Contact the Customer Panel

If you are not satisfied with the Customer Representative's decision you can get the Customer Panel to assess your case.

The Customer Panel consists of customers like yourself and If representatives, and they typically meet every other month to review and evaluate claims handling.

Read more about the Customer Panel

4. Do you want to appeal further?

If you are still dissatisfied after contacting your caseworker, the Customer Representative and the Customer Panel you might try the following:

Insurance Complaints Board
Private consumers can complain about claims handling by contacting the Insurance Complaints Board (Ankenævnet for Forsikring):

Ankenævnet for Forsikring
Anker Heegaards Gade 2
1572 Copenhagen
33 15 89 00

You have to fill in a special form to complain. You can get the form from the Insurance Complaints Board or from us.

Complaints incur a small fee, but it will be refunded if the Insurance Complaints Board fully or partially upholds your complaint, or if the complaint is rejected.

The European Commission's online complaints portal
The European Commission's online complaints portal is especially relevant if you live in another EU country.

Read more here: The European Commission's online complaints portal – remember to include our email address, kundeombud@if.dk, in your complaint.

The Danish courts
You can bring your complaint to the Danish courts, whether the matter concerns a private or a commercial insurance.
You can get advice and guidance from the Danish Insurance Information Service (Forsikringsoplysningen) by calling +45 41 91 91 91.

If and insurance fraud

We believe in our customers and strive to treat everybody fairly and decently.

Insurance is based on a principle of community: many people have and pay for insurances, thereby providing help for those who need it when they need it. This provides you and people like you with financial security when you need it most.

  1. Claims