Liability insurance

Despite your best intentions, your company may be met with compensation claims. You and your company may be held liable, for example, if you accidentally destroy something, or if your products or services cause damage..

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You may also be interested in the Liability Package. Here, we have bundled three of our popular liability insurances and added in cyber insurance and a legal advice service to cover the needs of most companies.

We are by your side if something goes wrong

  • We pay compensation claims

    If you become liable for an accident or mistake.

  • We are by your side

    Our lawyers and attorneys step in and lead the case for you.

  • We meet industry requirements

    We know your industry and make sure you have the right insurance for the job you do.

Liability insurance gives the company financial security

Imagine that you are manufacturing a product that causes damage. Or that you as an advisor or consultant give advice that leads to your client losing money. It is difficult to predict an accident or mistake and having liability insurance is therefore important.

With us, you get insurances that are tailored to your business. Our lawyers and attorneys speak for you. If the outcome is that you have to pay compensation, the insurance will cover this.

Your customers may require liability insurance

Your customers, or potential customers, can demand that your company has liability insurance. In certain industries, it is a great advantage to be able to prove that the company has liability insurance. The insurance creates security both for you and for the customer.

When will liability insurance protect you?

What does liability insurance cost?

There are many factors that play a role when determining the cost of your liability insurance. Some important factors that affect the price include your line of business, the number of employees, and your yearly turnover.

You should never have to worry that you are missing key insurances - or that you are paying for insurances that you do not need.

Our insurance advisors know your industry and that they will make sure that your business is correctly insured.

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Which insurance should you choose?

There are many different liability insurances. Which one to choose depends on whether you sell goods or services, what industry you are in, and what claims may come against you. Or maybe you are a board member and need insurance to secure you in that role? We make sure that your company is properly insured.

Are you a consultant or advisor?

We have made an package of insurances that we recommend for consultants. Here, the cornerstone the professional liability insurance (occasionally referred to as the professional indemnity insurance). 

If you work with consulting customers in various projects, it is of course possible to make incorrect assessments that are difficult to predict. The professional liability insurance applies if the business is held liable for a financial loss that a customer or third party has suffered.

Whether you are a self-employed consultant or part of a larger agency, it is imporant that you protect yourself with a professional liability insurance.

Intellectual property insurance?

When operating a business in Denmark, you need to adhere to both specific Danish laws such as the Trademarks Act and the Copyright Act as well as general EU rules such as the Community Trademark and Community Design systems.

With an intellectual property insurance, you will have protection not just when other parties violate your intellectual property rights, but also when you violate the intellectual property rights of others.

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What is liability insurance? A summary

Liability insurance helps the company if an accident or error occurs which leads to the company receiving a compensation claim. Liability insurance can help the company with investigation and negotiation as well as lawyers who handle the case for you. Furthermore, liability insurance covers the payment of any claim. The insurance applies to property damages and personal injury claims.

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