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Download your insurance card to your mobile and make it easier for yourself and your employees. This way, you will always have the necessary insurance and contact information at hand when you need assistance.

In addition to having your insurance card in your cell phone, your business will also have a personal website, making it easier for the individual employee to file a claim. Feel free to share the link on your intranet, for example.

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Insurance assistance - always at hand

  • Health

    Your insurance card is used for quick and easy access to us if you fall ill.

  • Travel

    Your insurance card is used if you face damages during your business trip.

  • Stationing

    Your insurance is used if you have an accident while stationed abroad.

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  • Order your insurance card above. 
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  • Send the link to everyone who is covered by the insurance.
  • Follow the instructions to download the insurance card to your cell phone.