Liability package with cyber coverage and legal advice

In our Liability Package, we have bundled five important liability-related insurances that most businesses will need. 

In addition to good and broad liability and cyber coverage, you also get access to legal advice, and we will help cover your costs if you end up in a legal dispute.

Read more about the Liability Package below or request an offer tailored specifically for your business.

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Broad liability and cyber coverage

  • Legal advice at no extra cost

    Only through the Liability Package do you get access to legal advice at no extra cost.

  • Protects you when you or your employees make mistakes

    The insurance covers your liability when fault or negligence leads to a customer's loss

  • Coverage for damage caused by your products or work services

    The product liability insurance covers your liability for losses caused by products and services.

  • Compensation in case of cyber attacks

    When you are targeted by hackers, we help you with your operating loss as well as compensation for customers if you are found liable.

  • We help with legal expenses

    You will get help both when your company is sued and when your company sues others.

The Liability Package bundles 5 insurances

Included in the Liability Package
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Does the Liability Package cover everything?

The liability package offers very broad liability coverage and it also provides access to legal advice at no extra cost.

For the vast majority of companies, this will be enough.

However, for some specialized companies, additional coverage may be needed.

If you are unsure, you can book a meeting with our experts to make sure that all your needs are covered.

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