Insurance for carpenters

We know that it is important for your business that time on the construction site is spent effectively.

Therefore, we have tailored a package for that covers everything from tools and equipment to the people working for you. That way you can keep your business running as smoothly as possible regardless of setbacks.

  • Avoid theft and damages to equipment
  • Prevent sick leave
  • Get coverage for damages to current and completed work
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Our recommendations for carpenters

Your business and its economy

Sometimes things go awry and your business can be held liable.

Typical situations in which we would be able to help could be things like this:

  • You accidentally drill into a water pipe and cause water damage
  • After you have left the construction site, the incorrectly installed roof of a garage falls onto the customer's car
  • While installing an expensive stove for a customer, you damage it

,As an owner of a small business you may need assistance in legal disputes, and we have a large team of professionals ready to help you with situations like these.

Read more about liability insurance.

You and your employees

You probably know that the construction business is one of the lines of business that have the most work-related accidents. After an accident or injury and we can help you get your business up and running again as fast as possible.

With a health insurance you can keep sick leave down for you and your employees before your projects are delayed and before the expenses rack up. If you are curious how this would affect you, we have created a calculator that will help you crunch the numbers (Danish site).

  • With our online medical assistance Hejdoktor (Danish site), you can get help for both your and your family in the case of illness - even during evening and weekends.
  • We also have access to both online and in-person physical therapy to treat or prevent injuries caused by prolonged overextension of the body.

Read more about health insurance and workers' compensation.

Your belongings

Are you storing tools and equipment in your van in between projects? We have registered a rise in theft of tools and equipment stored in vans, and these incidents mostly occur at night.

We can help you with your tools and equipment in cases when:

  • A storm or an unintentional fire causes damage.
  • Someone breaks into a container or van at the construction site.

We can also help you with discounts on safety equipment (Danish site).

With a car insurance from us, we will make sure that your car is taken care of as fast as possible so you can get back to work - 7 of 10 car claims are handled within 24 hours.