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We offer consultant insurance for all types of consultants including IT consultant.

The cornerstone of our consultant insurance is the professional liability insurance, sometimes referred to as the professional indemnity insurance. For someone working as a consultant in Denmark, in an advisory role, this is an important coverage of your role as an advisor.

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Important to insure your liability as a consultant

Our consultancy insurance includes, among other things, professional liability insurance.

This so-called professional indemnity insurance covers compensation claims as a result of incorrect advice, calculations, instructions, drawings or descriptions.

Liability insurance with legal protection is also included, which means we help you  in legal disputes related to your consulting assignment. We will take your case to court and pay the legal costs.

Did you know that...

Did you know that a client can require you to have professional liability insurance? As a consultant, you can be hit with large compensation claims if errors in your advice lead to a loss for the customer. Professional liability insurance is a security for both you and the customer as it ensures that your company can meet such a compensation claim.

When is a consultant held liable for damages?

Depending on the industry and the agreements entered into between a company and a consultant, different rules apply. To be held liable for damages means that you, as a consultant, by means of the advice you have given or the work you have performed, have caused damage to the client's business that results in a cost to them.

In these cases, the customer may have the right to raise compensation claims against you as a consultant, which is why it is very important that you have liability insurance that covers your liability as a consultant.

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