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Take good care of your four-legged friend with a dog insurance.

  • No deductible for liability claims

    You pay a deductible of DKK 0 for liability claims, e.g. if your dog destroys your friend's designer bag.

  • Video Chat with the vet

    With Dog Plus or Dog Super, you can get help from FirstVet’s veterinarians over Video Chat, if your dog falls ill or gets injured.

  • Recommended by Maxi Zoo

    Denmark's leading retail chain with everything for pets recommends If’s dog insurance for your dog.

In Denmark, you are required to have a dog insurance with liability coverage when you own a dog.
When you buy a dog insurance from us, you get to choose whether you prefer our basic Dog Liability insurance or a more comprehensive dog insurance. With our dog insurances Dog Plus and Dog Super, your dog is also covered in the event of illness and injury.

Coverages Dog Super Dog Plus Dog Liability
Statutory dog liability

The statutory dog liability insurance covers your liability if your dog damages other people, their property or animals.

There is no deductible on this type of damage.

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Illness and accident

Covers the necessary veterinary costs for examination, treatment, and laboratory tests related to illness and accident. It also covers the medicine and dressing material used by the vet at the clinic.

The dog insurance also covers an acute caesarean section if the birthing dog’s life has been in danger. This only applies once in the dog's life, regardless if the dog was insured with us at the time it had the caesarean section.

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Covers your female dog's newborn puppies until the puppies reach 8 weeks of age as long as they stay with their mother.

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Operation and cancer treatment etc.

The dog insurance covers surgery / procedures where your dog is in full anesthesia.

The dog insurance also covers cancer treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, in addition to allergy treatment.


The dog insurance covers expenses for prescribed veterinary rehabilitation in connection with an injury for up to 4 months after the start of the treatment.

Handed prescribed medication

Covers expenses for veterinary prescription-only medication in connection with illness or an injury with up to DKK 5,000 per year.

The dog insurance also covers prescription allergy medicine for up to 12 months after the veterinarian first prescribes the medicine.



Extended liability

The dog insurance covers if your dog causes damage to a person who voluntarily exposes themselves to danger, e.g. for club or association purposes. It could e.g. be a dog trainer or a judge in a dog competition.

There is no deductible on this type of damage.

Add on Add on Add on

This add on covers in case the dog dies after an accident, must be put down for medical or ethical reasons, if the dog disappears because of theft or because the dog has run away.

The add on also covers if your hunting or breeding dog becomes ill or gets so badly injured that it permanently loses its usefulness as a working dog.

Add on Add on

With this add on you get 3 additional coverages: Sales expenses, Extra caesarean section, and Extended puppies coverage.

In short, you will have the opportunity to get the expenses you had in connection with a sale covered, if a customer makes use of their warranty right, your female dog will be able to get an extra emergency cesarean section, and the standard puppies coverage will be extended from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

Add on Add on


for you


There are several benefits for you when you choose to insure your dog with our dog insurance.
It is up to you what dog insurance you prefer:

  • Dog Liability
    This dog insurance covers your liability if your dog injures another person, animal, or thing. This insurance is statutory in Denmark, when you own a dog.

  • Dog Plus
    This insurance covers in case of illness and accident, in addition to the statutory liability insurance.

  • Dog Super
    This dog insurance covers e.g. medicine, and surgery and rehabilitation, in addition to illness, accident and the statutory liability insurance.

You can choose to expand your insurance with these 3 add ons:

  • Extended liability: covers e.g. when you are going to figurant or attack training with your dog. It also covers the dog sitter’s belongings.

  • Life: covers e.g. if your dog runs away or must be put down due to an accident.

  • Breeder: covers e.g. an extra caesarean section for your female dog, and extends the standard puppies coverage from 8 to 12 weeks.


It is important to have a dog liability insurance for your dog. This is not just because it is a statutory obligation in Denmark, but also because it can be expensive if your dog e.g. damages someone's expensive shoes or scares a cyclist, who then falls and damages their bicycle.

With Dog Plus or Dog Super your dog will not only be covered in case of liability, but in case of illness and injuries due to accidents as well. These dog insurances are important to have if you want to take extra good care of your dog.

Maxi Zoo, Denmark's leading retail chain with everything for pets, recommends If's dog insurance for your dog.


In Denmark, it is statutory for you to have a dog liability insurance when you own a dog.

This insurance ensures people around you, as well as their belongings and animals in case your dog accidentally harms them.

This dog insurance is especially good to have if:

  • Your dog causes a car accident
    Your dog runs away from you and straight out in front of a car. The driver turns sharply to avoid your dog, but crashes into a tree instead.

    The dog liability insurance covers the damage done to both the driver and his belongings – it also covers the damages done to the car, if the driver does not have a comprehensive car insurance.

  • Your dog starts a fight
    Your dog starts a fight with the neighbor's cat. Both animals are injured and is admitted to an animal hospital.

    Here, the dog liability insurance covers the cost of the cat's stay - veterinarian, hospitalization, and medicine.

    Do you want your dog insurance to cover the costs for your dog’s stay as well, you should upgrade your dog insurance to our Dog Plus or Dog Super insurances.


Dog Plus and Dog Super cover the cost of the veterinarian's examinations and treatments. They also cover the medications and dressing materials the veterinarian treats the dog with at the clinic.

Dog Super is especially good to have if:

  • Your dog gets cancer
    Your dog has a node that needs to be examined. The vet recommends an operation at which samples are taken from the node to be examined at the laboratory.

    It turns out to be cancer, and the dog now needs a special cancer treatment to recover.

    With the Dog Super insurance you get help covering the cost of examination, operation, and care, as well as the laboratory tests.


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