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  1. Dog insurance

Dog insurance is not just necessary in Denmark; it is also a way to protect man’s – and your own – best friend.

In Denmark, when you own a dog it is mandatory to have dog insurance with liability cover.

Under mandatory liability insurance we cover any damage that your dog may cause to other people, animals and property, but we also offer an upgraded version, Dog-Xtra, which covers the dog itself in the event of illness and injury.

  • No deductible for liability claims

    You pay a deductible of DKK 0 for liability claims, and only 25% of the veterinary bill in the event of illness (minimum DKK 500).

  • Three in one

    Dog-Xtra gives you the statutory liability insurance, as well as life insurance and health insurance for your dog.

  • Recommended by Maxi Zoo

    Denmark's leading retail chain with everything for pets recommends If’s dog liability insurance for your dog.

Dog Insurance Dog-xtra Liability
Statutory dog liability insurance

The statutory dog liability insurance covers your liability if your dog damages other people, their property or animals.

Health insurance

The dog insurance covers the necessary veterinary costs for examination, treatment and laboratory tests in conjunction with illness or injury. You will also be covered for the medicine and dressing materials that the vet uses in the clinic.

Life insurance

The dog insurance will provide cover if the dog dies or has to be put down due to a serious illness or injury. Life insurance also provides cover if the dog runs away.


For those who want to be on the safe side

This dog insurance option provides cover if your dog injures a person who is voluntarily exposed to danger, e.g. for club or association purposes.

This might be a dog trainer or judge at a dog competition.


There are many advantages to protecting your dog with our dog insurance.

You can choose whether to take out:

  • Dog liability insurance
  • Dog-Xtra, which includes dog liability insurance, dog health insurance and dog life insurance.

In addition, you can buy extended dog liability insurance if you e.g. take your dog to figurant or attack training.


It is really important to have dog liability insurance for your dog. This is not just because this is a statutory obligation in Denmark, but also because it can be really expensive if your dog e.g. damages someone's expensive shoes or scares a cyclist, who then falls and damages the bicycle.

Maxi Zoo, Denmark's leading retail chain with everything for pets, recommends If's dog liability insurance for your dog.


It is mandatory to have dog liability insurance in Denmark when you have a dog. This insurance protects the people around you, as well as their property and animals, if your dog is the cause of any injury or damage.

Dog insurance is especially good to have if:

  • Your dog causes a car accident
    Your dog runs away from you and right out in front of a car. The motorist swerves to avoid your dog, but instead drives into a tree.

    In this case, the dog liability insurance covers the damage to both the motorist and his property – and if the motorist does not have comprehensive insurance for the car, the insurance will also cover any damage to the car.

  • Your dog starts a fight
    Your dog starts a fight with a cat that does not belong to your household. Both animals are injured and must be admitted to a veterinary hospital.

    The dog liability insurance covers the cost of the cat's stay – vet, admission and medicine. You must pay the costs of your dog's care yourself, unless you have taken out health insurance for the dog.

  • You take your dog to figurant or attack training
    If you take your dog to figurant or attack training, you can also extend your dog insurance with optional extended dog liability cover. Your need for this cover depends primarily on the club and the trainer, so you should ask them whether you need extended dog liability insurance.



Dog health insurance covers the costs of the vet's examination and treatment, as well as medicine and dressing materials used by the vet to treat the dog at the clinic.

The dog health insurance also covers the costs of necessary:

  • X-rays
  • Electrocardiography
  • Ultrasound scans
  • Laboratory tests.

Not all dogs can be insured against illness or accident. The dog's age and health determine whether we can offer dog health insurance. Illness/injury coverage ceases automatically in the year in which the dog reaches ten years of age.

Dog-Xtra dog health insurance is especially good to have if:

  • Your dog gets cancer
    Your dog has a tumour that has to be examined. The vet recommends an operation and biopsies are taken from the tumour for examination in the laboratory. It turns out to be cancer, and the dog must have special cancer treatment in order to recover.

    Dog health insurance will cover the costs of examination, surgery and care, as well as laboratory tests. You will have to pay for any medicine for the dog after it returns home.


If your dog dies or the vet recommends that it be put down due to illness or serious injury, you will receive compensation from the dog's life insurance.

The compensation corresponds to the price of a puppy of the same breed. If your dog is a blind dog or a dog for a disabled person, you will get the value of an adult, trained dog. The life insurance cover will cease automatically in the year in which your dog reaches seven years of age.

Dog-Xtra life insurance is especially good to have if:

  • Your dog runs away
    Your dog runs away and is not found within three months, even if you have filed a missing dog report with the police and in the local newspaper. Regrettably, we cannot find the dog for you, but we can do the next-best thing: give you cash compensation so that you can buy a puppy of the same breed.


If your dog falls ill, is injured, runs away, dies or has to be put down, Dog-Xtra is the right dog insurance. Dog-Xtra covers a wide range of situations that other dog insurance does not usually cover.

You can buy Dog-Xtra from when your dog is six weeks old and right up to the age of five.


When your car, your household contents or your house are insured with us, you will automatically be part of the If reward programme, which includes a 10% discount on all insurance, in addition to DKK 100 added to special savings on your deductible for each claims-free year.

If you combine your car and household contents or house insurance with us, you will get a 15% discount on all insurance, in addition to savings on your deductible of DKK 200 – and if you also insure yourself, your partner or child with us, the savings on your deductible will increase to DKK 500, and you will have access to our insurance service.


Dog liability

In Denmark, it is mandatory to have dog liability insurance when you have a dog.

With our dog liability insurance, you will be covered for any damage that your dog might cause to other people, their property or animals. The insurance also provides cover if you take your dog to puppy training or other training.

If you also take it to figurant or attack training, you need to upgrade your insurance with Extended dog liability.

The Dog liability insurance only covers your dog’s liability and not your dog itself in case it becomes ill or injured. For that you need our Dog-Xtra insurance that gives you a more comprehensive coverage of your dog.


With the Dog-Xtra dog insurance you are well covered, if your dog becomes ill, is injured, runs away or, worse yet, must be put to sleep or dies. Dog-Xtra also covers a wide range of situations that normal dog insurances do not cover.

You can buy a dog insurance with Dog-Xtra, when your dog is 6 weeks and until the dog’s 5th birthday.

If this is your first dog insurance, there is a 20-day waiting period before injuries and diseases from before the dog insurance were purchased and until the expiration date has not expired will not be covered.

Have you simply transferred your existing dog illness/accident insurance from another insurance company to If, there is no waiting period and the dog insurance covers from day 1.

Questions & answers

What does "deductible" mean?

Deductible means that you have to pay the first part of an expense yourself, e.g. a vet's bill, even though you have dog insurance.

When you have dog insurance with us, there is no deductible concerning either liability cover or extended dog liability.

If you choose a dog insurance with Dog-Xtra, you will receive both an illness/accident insurance and life insurance. There is a deductible of 25% on the vet bill, with a minimum of DKK 500.

A deductible is charged for each treatment period that lasts for maximum 100 days, calculated from the first veterinary appointment. If your dog e.g. has an operation on Monday and you get a bill for DKK 10,000, the dog insurance will pay DKK 7,500, while you will have to pay 25%, i.e. DKK 2,500, yourself.

The special thing about our dog insurance is that if your dog dies on Thursday, you will receive the dog's life insurance, at a minimum of DKK 3,000. Thus, you get some compensation for the previously paid deductible.

When does the health and life insurance cover start?

If you have not had dog insurance before, there is a waiting period of 20 days for injury and illness.

Injury and illness that occurred before the dog insurance was purchased, or during the first 20 days thereafter, will not be covered by the dog insurance.

What if the dog has a congenital or hereditary disease?

Congenital or hereditary diseases are only covered if the Dog-Xtra dog insurance is activated before the dog reaches 4 months. In addition, you must have a vet's statement from this period, declaring that the dog is healthy.

What if I take my dog abroad?

You can safely take your dog on holiday, since the dog insurance covers the entire Nordic region and during short holiday stays in the rest of Europe.

How long does the dog health and life insurance run?

The life insurance expires on the insurance's first due date after the dog turns 7 years old, while the illness insurance expires on the first due date after the dog is 10 years old.

How high is the dog insurance sum?

The highest compensation for the health insurance cover is DKK 15,000 per year. This amount is reduced by DKK 1,500 per year when the dog is 7 years old.

What must I do if my dog dies?

If your dog dies or is to be sold, you can cancel your dog's insurance by using our online self-service or by contacting our Customer Centre.

Do you have an urgent claim?

Call us on (+45) 70 12 12 12 if you need urgent assistance.

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