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Our travel insurance will help you with the problems you encounter while travelling. The insurance will also reduce the risk of a problem on your trip affecting your finances at home.

  • Get help 24/7

    Our Danish 24-hour control centre helps you while travelling, e.g. if you need to get back home or find an appropriate hospital.

  • Substitute trip in the event of illness

    With Travel Plus you get a substitute trip if you become acutely ill or are hospitalised for more than half of your planned holiday.

  • Covers longer journeys

    Our travel insurance always covers the entire household on trips of up to 30 days, while Travel Super covers up to 60 days of travel.

Many people think that travel insurance is something completely superfluous and that public health insurance and EU health insurance give them full cover while travelling abroad – but this is not true.
The yellow Public Health Insurance Card only covers travel in Denmark, while the blue EU Health Insurance Card covers travel in EU/EEA countries – but only to a limited extent. The blue card, for example, does not cover your transport home if you become ill while travelling.
It is important for you to have a private travel insurance, so you can always get help when travelling in the rest of the world - and if you want to be on the safe side in Europe and Denmark.

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Injury and illness

Covers your reasonable and necessary expenses for treatment in hospital or by a registered doctor if you become acutely ill or injured while travelling abroad.

Patient transport and repatriation

Covers your reasonable and necessary expenses for transportation, e.g. if you are injured or suddenly fall ill and need to be transported by ambulance to a local treatment centre or to Denmark.


Covers the expenses for summoning up to 3 people from Denmark if you become acutely and seriously ill.

Patient escort

Covers additional expenses for food, accommodation etc. for up to 2 people if they stay with you because you are seriously ill or injured, or are dying.

Assault and crisis counselling

The travel insurance will pay you compensation equivalent to the amount the perpetrator should have given you pursuant to Danish law (max. DKK 300,000) if you are assaulted whilst on holiday and are injured.

The travel insurance also covers counselling if you experience a robbery, assault, accident or natural disaster.

Evacuation and/or involuntary stay

Covers your additional expenses for evacuation and/or an involuntary stay if a Danish official authority calls for an evacuation during your trip.

The travel insurance also covers you if the local authorities calls for evacuation from the place where you are staying or detain you against your will.

Damage to rented holiday accommodation

Covers you if you as an individual accept legal liability for damage to property and/or parts of the building in rented holiday accommodation.

Deposits and bails

Covers your legal expenses, e.g. when a private disagreement ends up in court or if local authorities make a claim against you.

Search and rescue

Covers expenses for locating and rescuing you within a 50 kilometre radius of the place you were last seen.

Spoiled days of holiday

Compensates you for your spoiled days of holiday (trip cost per day) if less than half your holiday is spoiled, e.g. if you are hospitalised or repatriated, or if a doctor advises you to stay indoors.

Substitute trip

Covers a new trip if more than half your holiday is spoiled as a result of your falling acutely ill or being hospitalised.

You are also covered if during the first half of your holiday you are repatriated or if you return home as a result of a summons home without returning to the holiday location.

Summons home

Covers your additional travel expenses to Denmark if you are summoned home, e.g. because a close relative has become acutely ill or has died.

Sending your car back home

Covers your additional expenses for transporting your car either to Denmark or to where you are after hospitalisation or evacuation, if you had to leave your car at a holiday destination in Europe.

Transport delay and late arrival

Covers your additional expenses for transportation, food and accommodation if your scheduled journey by public transport to the holiday destination or Denmark is delayed by more than 4 hours.

Luggage delay

Covers your reasonable and necessary expenses for clothes and personal-care products if your luggage is delayed by more than 4 hours after your arrival at a holiday destination outside Denmark.

Cover for holiday accommodation

Covers your additional expenses to rent a similar property if you cannot use your rented holiday accommodation as a result of damage.


Covers you if you are hospitalised because of acute serious illness or an injury, and therefore cannot travel.

The travel insurance also covers expenditure
equivalent to the price per day of the trip for each person who cancels their trip and is covered by your travel insurance.

Themed holidays

Covers your ruined themed holiday if you become acutely ill or are injured while on holiday.

The travel insurance covers you if, for example, you break your hand while on a cycling holiday and therefore cannot complete the trip. Since the purpose of the holiday was cycling, you receive compensation for the days you were unable to cycle, plus your costs for hiring the bicycle.


Covers you if your travel agency or airline goes bankrupt prior to your scheduled departure.

Medical malpractice

Covers you if you suffer a permanent injury following malpractice on the part of a doctor that is directly linked to a covered injury.

Additional compensation for purchase of new trip

Provides you with additional compensation for purchase of a new trip if you or your travel companion is injured or becomes acutely ill for more than half of the period of travel.

Business travel

Covers participation in trade fairs, conferences and meetings with business partners for up to 2 days, provided the main purpose of the trip is a private holiday.

Fellow travellers under the age of 18

Covers up to 2 people under the age of 18 who are not part of your household but are travelling with you, such as your children's friends. The travel insurance covers them on the same terms as those applying to you.

Excess for car rental etc. abroad

Covers you for any excess up to DKK 20,000 per trip if you damage a rental car, camper, motorcycle or moped abroad, when the vehicle has the customary third-party insurance, insurance against theft and comprehensive insurance.

Crisis counselling for relatives in Denmark

Covers crisis counselling for your relatives in Denmark if anything happens to you while on holiday, e.g. following robbery, an assault, an accident or a natural disaster.

Up to 60 days of travel

Covers trips lasting up to 60 days, starting from the time you leave your place of residence to commence the trip.

Dangerous sports

Covers dangerous sports such as:

  • Boxing, karate and other martial arts
  • Bungee jumping, paragliding, hang gliding, parachuting and gliding
  • Jet skiing and use of personal water craft
  • Diving with proper equipment
  • Training or participation in any form of motor, bicycle or horse racing
  • Triathlon or similar extreme sports

Additional cover

For those who want to be on the safe side


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